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>> Statement: [Pages 25-26]

Wright describes the Caribbean Motion Picture Expedition as a total disaster from which Mr.

Hubbard left to avoid getting beaten up by the other crew members.

>> True Information: At the conclusion of the Caribbean Motion Picture Expedition, Mr. Hubbard wrote, “Despite these difficulties, we had a wonderful summer. The lot of us are tanned and healthy and we know what few men know these speedy days—the thrill of plowing thru blue seas in a wooden ship with nothing but white wings to drive us over the horizon.”

In a later interview, expedition member Robert Wolf commented, “There were different types of people. Some were strictly city boys, you know, and I had come from a background where the out of doors was natural to me, and so I sort of gravitated to a few of the boys like that sort of thing. Packed up a few cans of beans in a knapsack and some fruit and take off. Buy some bread as we went along… It was a kind of sad thing for me, and for those of us who came aboard, at the end of the trip… that was the end of a, what I considered a glorious adventure.”