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>> Statement: [Page 113]

Wright claims that L.

Ron Hubbard got a young Florida woman, “Catherine “Kit” Harrington (a pseudonym)”, to join the Sea Org “in 1969, just as the ship was being expelled from Corfu.” Wright describes her as coming from a prominent family, who studied in Europe and spoke three languages. He further states “she was a redhead, always a stamp of pre-eminence in Hubbard’s book.” Wright says Kit joined the Royal Scotman in 1969…” and that she “was soon appointed to the ‘Missionaires Elite Unit.’”

>> True Information: Mr. Wright tries to twist the facts here to make it seem like Liz Ausley (he gives her the pseudonym “Kit Harrington” in his book) joined the Sea Org in March of 1969 when the ship was leaving the Greek island of Corfu. Factually, Ausley had been in the Sea org for more than a year and had already been a missionaire and done missions with the Avon River and Enchanter crews to Sardinia, Sicily and Tunisia in the first quarter of 1968. There was no “agreement” sought from Ausley, who was simply assigned to the Apollo as a crew member. Liz Ausley’s name appears on a Sea Org Ship crew list in Flag Order 408 on 23 Jan 1968 as a Division 3 Supply Clerk. Additionally, Ausley did not have red hair. Her hair was dark.