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>> Statement: [Page 203-204]

Wright relates the claim of Jim Logan that his ex-wife, Annie Tidman, was being kept a virtual prisoner by the Church.

>> True Information: This claim was lifted from the pages of the Tampa Bay Times as part of a biased series of articles about the Church in 2009, adopted wholesale by Wright. The story is false and the Times was on notice of its falsity when they went to press. Ms. Tidman’s attorney informed the Times that:

“Ms. Tidman has been a member of the Church of Scientology since 1965. She knew L. Ron Hubbard personally. All of the statements attributed to her and all of the actions involving her that were described in your October 19 letter are false. She has never been held under guard or otherwise held against her will by the Church at any time.”

In truth, the marriage had broken up before Logan was expelled from Scientology in 1992 for his destructive attitude and constant alterations of Church doctrine and policy. Logan was a confederate of Marty Rathbun and the manufactured allegations about how his marriage broke up were part of Rathbun’s media campaign against his former religion.