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>> Statement: [Page 169]

Wright speaks of Mr.

David Miscavige, stating “He ran missions around the world to perform operations that local orgs were unable to do themselves—at least, not to Hubbard’s satisfaction.” In the footnote, Wright claims Mr. Miscavige has been “circumspect about what missions he actually performed.”

>> True Information: Wright’s portrayal of Mission technology demonstrates his own confusion and lack of understanding, for which he never sought any clarification through fact-checking with the Church.

Moreover, Wright’s statement that Mr. Miscavige is “circumspect” when it comes to telling what missions he performed is patently false. Wright never asked one question concerning Mr. Miscavige’s work in the area of Sea Org Missions.

In 1979, Mr. Miscavige was the senior-most Mission Operations Officer in the Sea Organization and had a stellar record of successful missions. Because of that stellar record, Mr. Hubbard advised Mr. Miscavige more than anyone else in the late 1970s and into the 1980s to handle situations he noted were acting as barriers to Scientology expansion.

The truth is, Mr. Wright deliberately attempts to make the subject confusing by misquoting Mr. Miscavige.

Simply, just as Mr. Miscavige explained in 1990, one may run into a “situation”, meaning a non-optimum state of affairs which requires correction or handling with a Mission. Mr. Miscavige went on to explain that underlying any situation is always a “WHY” (not a “Y” as Wright wrote in his book). A “why” is simply the reason why something has departed from how it should be. Obviously, it is essential to know why a situation exists if one wants to improve or resolve it. Once one has the correct why, one can write mission orders (which are the project orders) laying out the exact purpose of what has to be accomplished and the steps to be taken. Anyone can understand this.

What this has to do with Sea Org Missions is that one always finds the right Why before sending a Mission (which is like a project) to handle a situation in an area. It is indeed a very exact and effective technology and Mr. Miscavige is highly trained in this subject.