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>> Statement: [Page 125]

“Hubbard could be terrifying and irrational and comically pompous” and then relates an incident where Karen de la Carriere says she was in Mr.

Hubbard’s research room and witnessed Mr. Hubbard reportedly admonishing a crew member and then winking at her.

>> True Information: Mr. Starkey, Captain of the Apollo at the time of this report, wrote:

“Nasty, vicious lies from Mr. Wright (which he has copiously strewn throughout his manuscript). Mr. Hubbard never manifested the traits he describes. He was always warm, sincere and friendly and only people who hated him and had evil thoughts about him feared him and spread lies about him—like Karen has huge delusions of grandeur. She was an insignificant ‘nobody’ on the Apollo and I barely recall her being there. Her name does not appear on any of Mr. Hubbard’s written communications, ship issues or papers. I searched and could not find any. There is absolutely no way Mr. Hubbard would have ever had her in his Research Room. In all the years I knew and worked with Mr. Hubbard, I never once saw him wink at anyone. It is not the sort of thing he ever did.”