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>> Statement: [Page 75]

Wright claims “Hubbard eventually wrote a note to Sara [Northrup] to explain his whereabouts, saying that he was in a Cuban military hospital, about to be transferred to the States ‘as a classified scientist immune from interference of all kinds,’ He adds, ‘I will be hospitalized probably a long time.


>> True Information: This is completely false. Expert handwriting examiners concluded that the letter was not written by L. Ron Hubbard, but had been forged by Northrup’s attorney, Caryl Werner.

On February 11, 1975, grapho-analyst Kitty White examined the letter and compared it with known exemplars of the handwriting of L. Ron Hubbard and Caryl Werner. She concluded that:

“The known writer of exhibit C [Hubbard] did not write the questioned handwriting of exhibit A [Havana letter]. I find that they are dissimilar in the overall characteristics, there are no similarities in the size of the writing exemplars, nor in the slant, spacings between letters, style of writing or movement….

“[T]he known writer of exhibit B [Werner] is the same person that wrote the said questioned handwriting composing the two page letter designated as exhibit A.”

On August 21, 1978, document examiner Franklin H. Fodor examined the purported Havana letter and compared it with a known handwriting exemplar of Caryl Werner. He concluded that they were both written by the same person. He wrote:

“Owing to the predominating number of similarities of the basic handwriting actions mentioned above between the questioned handwriting in Exhibit B [Havana letter] and the exemplary handwriting in Exhibit A [Werner example] it is my opinion that the questioner document was written by the same person as the exemplary document Exhibit A.”

Wright cites a Los Angeles Times article from May 2, 1951 concerning the alleged letter, yet Wright fails to state that Northrup wrote and signed an affidavit on June 11, 1951, in which she withdrew all damaging statements and claims concerning L. Ron Hubbard.