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>> Statement: [Page 164-168]

Relying on the false claims of apostate Ervin Scott, this section describes a 12-year-old David Miscavige as someone who “beats the hell out of you if you touch him” and that he was proud of this.

‘He seemed almost smug,’ Scott remembers thinking, ‘like he was arrogantly proud of kicking their ass.’ Wright also includes that Mr. Miscavige was on heavy medication for his asthma at the time. “Scott decided to write a Knowledge Report about what he had seen which would go to the Ethics Officer. ‘Here is a Scientologist, and he’s taking drugs, and he’s having these very bad episodes of asthmatic attacks, that can and should be handled by auditing.’”

Wright includes a series of false reports from Ervin concerning Mr. Miscavige during this time: “This kid is built like Arnold Schwarzenegger!”; that Mr. Miscavige “beat up his PC!”; and describes him as a slow student.  

>> True Information: All of this is a twisted story from an apostate who seeks to defame Mr. Miscavige. None of the other people at Saint Hill at the time support this account. Records from the time show that Ervin Scott, the source of this report, was called before a Court of Ethics for lying.

An article in the Auditor from the time quotes the Interne Supervisor describing Mr. Miscavige as one of the best students. There are staff currently at Saint Hill in England who were there in the early 1970s when Mr. Miscavige was a young student. A staff member at Saint Hill since 1970, Chris Burton was a Course Supervisor in the early 1970s and David Miscavige was one of his students. In a declaration, Mr. Burton remarked:

“As a student I found him to be intense and diligent, very bright and intelligent. Although only in his early teens, of slight build and having the disadvantage of asthma, he always completed his courses rapidly and successfully. He never let his age or physical asthma disability become a problem, nor the fact that the rest of the other students were far senior to him.”

Rosalie deLacy, a staff member at Saint Hill since the 1970s, remembers Mr. Miscavige training as an auditor and although he was only 13, he was auditing adults. She wrote:

“The main attitude I had about David was that it was great to see someone of that age get through their basic training as an auditor and take people into session and do a good job of auditing on them! I never heard any bad thing said about him as an auditor in any way.”

A staff member at Saint Hill since January 1972, Peter Morgan met David Miscavige when he first arrived at Saint Hill to train as an Auditor. He wrote in his declaration:

“I got to know him quite well, more so because I received auditing from him as one of his PCs, as staff often do from students or interns. David had completed his Academy training towards the end of March 1973 and subsequently went on to his Internship. I particularly remember David Miscavige for two reasons. Firstly, here was this small, 13/14-year-old boy holding his own with his peers, who were twice his age and some twice his height. And like the others who trained here, his purpose was to help people. Secondly, David audited me from the middle of May through to late June 1973 on Grades 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4.  This was over a period of 5 weeks. I recall this auditing as having been very pleasurable and I had excellent gains from this. I always smile when I look back on this because I remember how happy I was at this time and David, my auditor, was always ready with a big smile when I came to session. … He was a very intelligent and studious person and took his studies earnestly; he was, with me, always light and very friendly. Definitely a good auditor from my perspective, and I know this as I was always smiling and happy at the end of my sessions. And such indicators in one’s PC are one of the ingredients of being a good auditor per L. Ron Hubbard.

“I observed and heard only good reports about David. He was well-liked by staff and students.”

Another example comes from Malcolm Parkee who from late 1972 to early 1974 was responsible for all Ethics matters for the students and the staff members at Saint Hill. Any public intern ethics matters came to him.  He had this to say about Mr. Miscavige:

“I recall David Miscavige was a very bright young student and auditor. He was also simply a member of the public taking services at Saint Hill—and had absolutely no special or preferential status of any kind. Had there been any ethics situation concerning David Miscavige, I would have been the first to know about it. I do not recall him committing even a minor infraction such as being late for course, let alone anything serious. He was never in, or caused, any trouble at all in the period I was in charge of Saint Hill Ethics from 1972 to 1974 as I simply never ever remember interviewing him in the Ethics Office.”

>> Statutory Declaration of Chris Burton

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Statutory Declaration of Rosalie deLacy

>> Statutory Declaration of Peter Morgan

>> Statutory Declaration of Malcom Parke