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>> Statement: [Page 271]

“Several times a week, a truck from Santa Monica Seafood delivers Atlantic salmon or live lobster.

Corn fed lamb is flown in from New Zealand. When guests such as Cruise come to dinner at his well-appointed house, the kitchen goes into extravagant bursts of invention, with ingredients sometimes flown in from different continents.”

>> True Information: Fish purchases for the Base staff are made with different seafood vendors depending on availability and prices. Santa Monica Seafood is one such vendor. Deliveries are made once a week. Salmon and other types of fish are purchased according to menu planning, for the Base staff. Lobster is rarely purchased and when it is, it’s for some special occasion like a holiday. Corn fed lamb when called for in the menu planning is purchased with the Church’s main food supplier located in Los Angeles – not “flown in from New Zealand.” 

Mr. Miscavige does not have a “well-appointed house” or any house. He lives in accommodations provided for him by the Sea Org, which have no facilities to even serve food. This is just another example of Mr. Wright spreading vile lies from his apostate sources.