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>> Statement: [Page 99]

Wright claims: “There were three ships in Hubbard’s navy.

In addition to the Avon River, there was a schooner called the Enchanter, and the 3,200-ton flagship, a flat-bottom cattle ferry originally called the Royal Scotsman...”

After publication, the passage was corrected to: In addition to the Avon River, there was a ketch called the Enchanter…”

Wright’s publisher also corrected Wright’s reference to the Portuguese island of Medeira as an “atoll.”

>> True Information: Mr. Starkey, former Captain of the Apollo, states that this brief statement by Wright includes the following falsehoods and inaccuracies:

Mr. Hubbard never had a “navy” and the ships of the Sea Organization flotilla were never referred to as such.

The Enchanter is not a “schooner.” It is a 60 foot Bermuda ketch as stated and shown in The L. Ron Hubbard SeriesMaster Mariner. (When someone writing a book about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology cannot even correctly duplicate the types of vessels that were in the Sea Org, and the correct type of yacht Mr. Hubbard used as his home—even when that information is published in a book available to him—that says it all.)

The Royal Scotman was 3,278 tons as included in her description in the Master Mariner volume.

The Royal Scotsman was a passenger ferry, not a “cattle ferry.” That she also transported cars and livestock between Scotland and Ireland did not classify her as such. That is Mr. Wright’s derogatory statement. Why did Mr. Wright not include the facts that the Royal Scotsman was also commissioned during the war as a troop carrier; that she served as a platform for Sir Winston Churchill during his Tunis Campaign; and that the ship was honorably decorated for her services by the British War Commission? Those are the relevant facts that properly characterize this ship.

There were five other ships included at different times in the Sea Org flotilla, not just 3.

>> Excerpt

The L. Ron Hubbard SeriesMaster Mariner, pages 114-126

>> Appendix

The L. Ron Hubbard SeriesMaster Mariner, pages 132-133 (The Research Room)

>> Appendix

The L. Ron Hubbard SeriesMaster Mariner, pages 171-193