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>> Statement: [Page 99]

Wright makes reference to Mr.

Hubbard’s daily routine and implies he was secluded and withdrawn: Hubbard spent most of the time in the air-conditioned captain’s cabin on the promenade deck of the Royal Scotman,” and “His days were largely, solitary, passed in auditing himself and writing policy papers.”

>> True Information: Mr. Starkey, long-term Sea Org executive and former Captain of the Apollo (this was the Royal Scotman) calls Wright’s characterization a complete fabrication:

“There were no air conditioned offices, cabins or spaces aboard the Royal Scotman/Apollo. There was no ‘Captain’s cabin’ on the Promenade deck and Mr. Hubbard’s days were most definitely NOT ‘largely solitary.’ Mr. Hubbard was omnipresent aboard the ship, day and night. The L. Ron Hubbard Series clearly shows some of Mr. Hubbard’s many daily activities. For example, in the Master Mariner book, on page 126, there is a photograph of Mr. Hubbard taking a stroll on the ship’s decks with one of the ship’s crew. The majestic research room and the glass paneled doors can be seen on pages 132 - 133. On one of his frequent visits to the Bridge, we see Mr. Hubbard verifying the ship’s position at page 171, visiting the bridge at dusk on page 172 and again on the bridge at page 187. On page 183, Mr. Hubbard is seen on deck supervising the training of the crew and conducting Emergency Drills. He often took a ride on his motorbike ashore as one can see on page 193.”

Mr. Ingber and Mr. Marc Yager, long-term Sea Org executives who were both aboard the Apollo with Mr. Hubbard during this same period, further confirm the accuracy of Mr. Starkey’s account.