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>> Statement: [Page 50]

Wright offers psychological “profiles” of L.

Ron Hubbard by psychologist Jim Dincalci and psychiatrist Stephen Wiseman, but fails to disclose the bias of each of these individuals.

>> True Information: Psychoanalyzing famous people at a distance is such a cheap trick it has become a cliché. Such profiling does more to reveal the bias of the practitioners than anything else. This one is no exception.

Dincalci is a practitioner of transpersonal psychology—the branch of psychology espoused by hallucinogenic gurus Timothy Leary and Carlos Casteñedas. In the 1970s Dincalci served as Mr. Hubbard’s cook and purchaser before being removed for incompetence in 1979. He left the Sea Organization and Scientology at that time. Thereafter, Dincalci attempted to capitalize on his brief association with the man through made-up tales and lies told to various media. In the 1980s he was part of an unsuccessful bid to extort money from the Church through the support of bogus civil litigation. He also participated in a failed effort to enact a city ordinance against Scientology in Clearwater, Florida.

He has since moved into a branch of transpersonal psychology known as “forgiveness therapy,” perhaps in futile support of his own forgiveness.

Stephen Wiseman also seeks to capitalize on Mr. Hubbard’s fame. His purported evaluation is a meaningless gesture that evidences the bias against Mr. Hubbard and Scientology that pervades this book. Mr. Wiseman never met L. Ron Hubbard and has no first-hand information about the Church of Scientology. His purported psychiatric evaluation is a media stunt to get attention.

Since 2010 he has been the Canadian Psychiatric Association’s self-appointed apologist in the face of exposures of psychiatric abuses by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Instead of responding on the merits and addressing such issues as over-drugging children, he attacks the messenger.

Mr. Wiseman has participated in at least one hate march against Scientology in Toronto with four members of the hate group Anonymous and has spoken at conferences of the Skeptic Society and delivered an anti-Scientology propaganda panel at a conference of the APA. He is an anti-Scientology propagandist hiding behind his title as a clinical psychologist. Rather than helping to clean up abuses in his own profession, he chooses to attack Scientology for exposing psych abuses.

In neither case do these men even hint at the tremendous production of L. Ron Hubbard—the sheer breadth of which put the lie to the petty complaints by these two practitioners of failed earlier philosophies.

The fact is, if Mr. Hubbard had stopped after only one of his many accomplishments, he would still be celebrated today. For example, with some fifty million works of fiction in circulation, including such monumental bestsellers as Fear, Final Blackout, Battlefield Earth and the ten-volume Mission Earth series, Mr. Hubbard is unquestionably among the most acclaimed and widely read authors of all time. His novels additionally earned some of literature’s most prestigious awards and he is very truthfully described as “one of the most prolific and influential writers of the twentieth century.” He has been awarded Guinness World records for the most published works by a single author, most translated author, most audio book titles and most translated non-religious work.

His earlier accomplishments are equally impressive. As a barnstorming aviator through the 1930s, he was known as “Flash Hubbard” and broke all local records for sustained glider flight. As a leader of far-flung expeditions, he is credited with conducting the first complete Puerto Rican mineralogical survey under United States protectorship and his navigational annotations still influence the maritime guides for British Columbia. His experimentation with early radio directional finding further became the basis for the LOng RAnge Navigation system (LORAN); while as a lifelong photographer, his work was featured in National Geographic and his exhibits drew tens of thousands.

Among other avenues of research, Mr. Hubbard developed and codified an administrative technology that is utilized by organizations of every description, including multinational corporations, charitable bodies, political parties, schools, youth clubs and every imaginable small business. Likewise Mr. Hubbard’s internationally acclaimed educational methods are utilized by educators from every academic quarter, while his equally acclaimed drug rehabilitation program routinely proves doubly and even triply more effective than any similarly aimed program.

Yet however impressive these facts of his life, no measure of the man is replete without some appreciation of what became his life’s work: Dianetics and Scientology. The materials of Dianetics and Scientology include more than 75 million written and recorded words and constitute the largest single body of work on the human mind and spirit.

These are the true accomplishments of the man. See