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>> Statement: [Page 23]

“For a man as garrulous as L.

Ron Hubbard turned out to be, reflections on his parents are rare, almost to the point of writing them out of his biography.”

>> True Information: This statement is not only false—it is absurd. Mr. Hubbard’s relationship with his mother is covered in five volumes of The L. Ron Hubbard Series, an encyclopedic biography of his life. In particular, one will find this in Early Years of Adventure as well as in Images of a Lifetime.

In March 2012, with release of the new L. Ron Hubbard Series, the Church also released a companion volume, the updated Images of a Lifetime—A Photographic Biography.  The opening chapter of this book is devoted to L. Ron Hubbard’s birth and early years with his parents and family.  There is also a section in Early Years of Adventure, Letters and Journals covering his family and parents.

Further, when Mr. Wright’s fact-checker asked if the L. Ron Hubbard biographer, Mr. Dan Sherman, was familiar with any writings, lectures or other materials in which Mr. Hubbard references his mother, Ledora May Waterbury Hubbard, Wright was advised to obtain and read the newly published The L. Ron Hubbard Series, including Images of A Lifetime, which would cover all of this. Mr. Sherman spent years researching Mr. Hubbard’s life and included many mentions of Mr. Hubbard’s mother and what he said about her and she about him. Mr. Hubbard wrote that his mother was a “thoroughly educated woman, a rarity in her day.” 

Mr. Hubbard also speaks of his father and mother occasionally in his public lectures in references to incidents from his childhood. Wright was informed of all of this. 

In going through some of Mr. Hubbard’s public lectures, there were 22 instances of his speaking about his parents, as well as in letters, an interview with a reporter, and a personal essay he wrote entitled Remembrances.

Mr. Wright’s contention that Mr. Hubbard rarely reflected on his parents is dishonest and contradicted by the facts.

>> Appendix

Letter from Harry Ross Hubbard to his son L. Ron Hubbard