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>> Statement: [Page 124]

“By now [1973], Eltringham had been promoted to Deputy Commodore, the highest post in the Sea Org after Hubbard himself.

  She had been off the ship for a couple of years, in Los Angeles, running the Advanced Orgs—the divisions responsible for producing Operating Thetans—and setting up a liaison office to supply the Scientology fleet.”

>> True Information: Mr. Starkey, former Captain of the Apollo wrote: “These statements, drawn from the lies of bigoted Hana Eltringham, are false. The facts are:

The Deputy Commodore post that Hana was assigned, on the 1st of May 1969, was ‘2nd Deputy Commodore for the Pacific.’ She is delusory to think she was on ‘the highest post in the Sea Org after Hubbard himself.’ Her supervisory and social duties were confined to the small ships we had in the port of Long Beach, California, and the Sea Org organizations in Los Angeles. She ran a small office which occupied about 2,000 square feet. It mainly handled logistics, relay of people to Flag and did some minor missions for Flag, such as Observation Missions. She had absolutely no jurisdiction over the Commodore’s Messengers, Commodores Aides or the Apollo Ship’s Captain.”

As clearly delineated in Flag Order #3342 Deputy Commodores and Acting Flag Officer, the role of the Second Deputy Commodore was supervisory and social: “… the Second Deputy Commodore acts as extension of certain inspection and supervision and social duties of the Commodore's personal office and function.”

Hana Eltringham did not last long on the Second Deputy Commodore post. By October 1970, three years before Mr. Wright states she was “By now … promoted to Deputy Commodore,” she had been relieved of this position and was recalled to the flagship and reposted there. She was not the Deputy or Second Deputy Commodore in 1973.