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>> Statement: [Page 68]

Wright forwards vicious lies about Mr.

Hubbard: “One of the charges that would be lobbed against Hubbard by his disaffected eldest son was that his father had attempted two abortions on his mother.”

>> True Information: These are vicious lies. 

Wright cites Ron DeWolf (L. Ron Hubbard’s son) as his source for these allegations, repeating the lies DeWolf made about Mr. Hubbard in the Penthouse article.  DeWolf repudiated these lies under oath in 1987.

Ron DeWolf made these false claims about his father in 1983, when he was attempting to seize his father’s estate.

Moreover, Wright made a serious error in his endnote where he attempts to repudiate DeWolf’s 1987 retraction. Wright refers to statements DeWolf made in the Clearwater Commission Hearings in 1982, calling them “five years later.”  It was five years earlier, before he retracted his statements, yet Wright bases his allegation on this.