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The Church of Spiritual Technology, the branch of Scientology that owns the trademarks and copyrights to all church materials, including Hubbard's immense body of popular fiction, maintains secret bases in several remote locations in at least three American states, where the founder's works are stored in titanium canisters in nuclear-blast-resistant caverns.

One of the vault locations, in Trementina, New Mexico, has an airstrip and two giant interlocking circles carved into the desert floor – a landmark for UFOs, some believe, or for Hubbard's reincarnated spirit, when he chooses to return.

>> True Information: This passage is inaccurate on several levels, reflecting Mr. Wright's refusal to ask the Church any questions about this or a host of other subjects that would have been relevant in a book he claims to be about the Church of Scientology. In this instance he is incorrect to say that the Church of Spiritual Technology holds the trademarks. It is public record that, in 1982, L. Ron Hubbard donated the trademarks and service marks of Scientology to Religious Technology Center, whose mandate is to ensure the orthodoxy of the religion.

As Mr. Hubbard himself stated in a recorded New Year’s message to Scientologists around the world in December 1983:

“As you may know, a long time ago I made a free gift of all trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology to an independent non-profit corporation. This was the Religious Technology Center. I no longer own these marks. And RTC controls the licensing and use of all trademarks. “

This is an extremely well-known fact within Scientology, has long been known broadly and is on the Church's website at (Frequently Asked Questions.) Even if Lawrence Wright had done nothing more than log on to Religious Technology Center’s website at, he would have seen the correct information. Likely some of his apostate sources were familiar with it and would have told him his facts were wrong.

Over the past three decades, Religious Technology Center has preserved, maintained and protected the Scientology religion by ensuring the orthodoxy of the application of L. Ron Hubbard’s works. Under the leadership of its Chairman of the Board, Mr. David Miscavige, RTC has guided the religion into its greatest period of expansion ever.

Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) preserves L. Ron Hubbard’s complete works so the Scripture will always be available for future generations.

As to Mr. Wright's description of a CST facility he never visited nor asked about, located in New Mexico, it is one of the archival storage sites containing preservation copies of Mr. Hubbard’s writings and lectures. The symbol carved in the hillside near the facility is CST’s corporate logo. Because the facility is in such a remote area a mode of transportation used is a nearby airstrip. The corporate logo is carved into the ground to help pilots find the airstrip, as there is no control tower or air traffic control. Also, using land or buildings to the display the logo of a corporation's headquarters visible from the air is not uncommon as a simple search on the Internet for “Dole Pineapple Plantation,” “eSolar logo,” or “BMW Headquarters” will reveal.

Archival sites are common among religions. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a large genealogical archive in Utah. The Roman Catholic Church's Vatican archives house documents going back more than 2,000 years.

The purpose of the storage of Scientology Scripture is so that future generations will have available to them all of L Ron Hubbard’s technology in its exact original form.