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>> Statement: [Page 204-206]

Wright details Gary Morehead’s claims of a Gold Base “blow drill,” covering how blown Sea Org members are dragged back.

>> True Information: The term “blow drill” is not used in the Church. This term appears to have come from former Scientologists whom Wright is using as sources.

It is the practice of the Church that if a member of the Sea Organization chooses to leave without following Church procedures to route out, other Sea Organization members may attempt to convince or persuade him/her to stay or to return; such efforts are a natural and inevitable outgrowth of the belief among Sea Organization members that they are attempting to achieve the salvation of the individual and of society. Such efforts sometimes have included locating the person who left, and attempting to meet and/or discuss with him/her the reasons for leaving and to convince the person to return. If the person insists on leaving or refuses to return, without routing out, he/she may be subject to ecclesiastical discipline, including, but not necessarily, being declared a “suppressive person,” which is the functional equivalent of being shunned or excommunicated.

It is a matter of scripture that the person should be spoken to, to see if the person can be reasoned with as far as his responsibilities and his duties to his religion and to himself. If he wants to leave, he should do so within the procedure for his own spiritual salvation.

The sources of this allegation were Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and Gary Morehead. The real question should be to ask them whether anyone tried to prevent them from leaving or came looking for them after they left the Sea Organization. The answer is a resounding “No.” Their own experiences belie these tall tales.