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>> Statement: [Page 28]

“But in the spring of 1937, Columbia Pictures finally optioned one of Hubbard's stories to be folded into a serial, titled The Secret of Treasure Island.

Hubbard quickly moved to Hollywood, hoping finally to make it in the movie business.”

>> True Information: Again, Wright does not have his facts straight: It was in December 1936 that L. Ron Hubbard was paid in full for the rights to his story—Murder at Pirate Castle (his story for The Secret of Treasure Island)—that’s months before Wright’s wrong date. Further, Mr. Hubbard didn’t “quickly” move once he sold the story; he went to Hollywood nearly five months later in May 1937. And a contract was in place before he moved—showing Wright’s characterization that Mr. Hubbard was “hoping finally to make it” was another false spin.

>> Murder at Pirate Castle

L. Ron Hubbard wrote the screen adaptation of his Murder at Pirate Castle story and turned it into motion picture serial blockbuster Secret of Treasure Island. The 15-episode film was one of the most successful and longest-running serials of the time.