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>> Statement: [Page 271]

“After becoming associated with Cruise, the style of Miscavige's life came to reflect that of a fantastically wealthy and leisured movie star.

He normally awakens at noon, with a cup of coffee and a Camel cigarette. Then he takes breakfast, the first of his five meals.”

>> True Information: This vile falsehood is spewed by embittered apostates. Describing the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion as someone living the life of a “wealthy and leisured movie star” is highly offensive to all Scientologists.

Mr. Miscavige does not work for wealth or any other form of monetary compensation. Mr. Miscavige is a Sea Org member and like all Sea Org members, his housing, meals, medical and dental care, uniforms and transportation are provided for. Additionally, to assist Mr. Miscavige in carrying out his religious responsibilities attendant with his position as Chairman of the Board, he receives a modest salary. His compensation and benefits fully comport with all requirements for tax-exempt organizations. It isn’t even close to the life of a “fantastically wealthy” movie star – far from it.

And as for “leisure” there is no one in the Church that works harder than Mr. Miscavige. He works long hours and doesn’t take vacations. Mr. Miscavige has worked tirelessly for well over two decades to bring about the expansion Scientology is experiencing today.  He has steered the Church in a direction that is guaranteeing its future for generations to come. His hard work is reflected in just a few of these significant accomplishments:

  • Opening more than 30 new churches in major cities throughout the United States and around the world. Just this year alone these new churches (we call them Ideal Organizations, owing to their epitomizing the ideals set forth in our Scripture) opened in Sacramento, Orange County, San Jose and Los Gatos, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; Greater Cincinnati, Ohio; Buffalo, New York; as well as in Germany, Italy and our first in the Middle East, in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • At the end of 2009, Mr. Miscavige announced the achievement of the massive 25-year program that he personally initiated and drove through to completion to recover all Scripture, much of it originally recorded on now-archaic audio recording mediums including wax discs and paper-backed early magnetic tape. Using state-of-the-art restoration technology developed by the Church with leaders in the field, more than 2,000 of Mr. Hubbard’s lectures were made available to our parishioners along with corresponding written materials. 
  • To make this material broadly available the Church established all-digital, print-on-demand, religious publishing facilities in the 274,000-square-foot Bridge Publications in Los Angeles and a sister publishing house, New Era Publications, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Combined, these facilities can now publish up to 1.3 million books and 1 million CDs per week. They are the largest all-digital publishing houses in the world and are used by major manufacturers as product demonstration facilities. But for our purpose, they have made possible the broad dissemination of Scientology making some100 million copies of Mr. Hubbard’s books and lectures available in recent years.
  • Establishing a 185,000-square-foot facility for the production of Church dissemination and humanitarian materials. This state-of-the-art printing facility enables the Church to produce all of its religious dissemination items in-house and distribute our humanitarian materials at a rate ten times our previous levels for virtually the same cost.
  • Restoring our historic religious retreat, the Fort Harrison, in Clearwater, Florida, along with the 13-story Oak Cove and nearing completion on our spiritual headquarters, the Flag building.
  • Producing landmark films to disseminate our religion and to advance our social programs. These include Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought, a feature length book-on-film; a visual guide to Mr. Hubbard’s seminal work, Dianetics, a 4½ hour demonstration of Dianetics principles and procedures; The Problems of Work film illustrating basic principles for use in everyday life; The Way to Happiness film providing a common-sense guide to better living; The Scientology Handbook film providing tools for everyday living (with corresponding online courses, each offering step-by-step procedures to resolve life’s challenges, available as a community service).
  • Establishing our religion’s online presence, making accessible thousands of pages and more than 600 hundred videos to inform anyone on our beliefs and practices and to see everyday Scientologists and how they use the religion in life; our Internet initiative was noted as the most comprehensive of any religion on earth and can be found at
  • Launching Church sponsored and supported humanitarian initiatives and social betterment programs reaching millions of people all over the world in the fields of drug abuse prevention, drug rehabilitation, education, criminal reform, human rights and morals education. Moreover, our Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been active in more than 200 disaster relief efforts nationally and internationally.
  • Inaugurating the Church of Scientology National Affairs Office in Washington, D.C. this September, where Mr. Miscavige was joined by members of Congress and other distinguished partners in the Church’s rededication to bringing our programs to the rest of the nation.

The future will see even more growth with some 50 Church buildings in design, planning or construction set to open on five continents, as well as the opening of a Scientology religious broadcasting and media hub in the former KCET historic studio lot in Los Angeles. 

Far from a “leisured” life, Scientologists world over witness daily Mr. Miscavige’s undying dedication and tireless drive to fulfill the Aims of Scientology – a civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights.