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>> Statement: [Page 119]

Wright supports false claims that the Church set up front corporations to funnel money to L.

Ron Hubbard with a quote from Ron DeWolf: “L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. remembered shoeboxes full of money in his father’s closet. He later testified that Hubbard habitually kept ‘great chunks of cash’ within easy reach, ‘so that if there was any problem he could just take off right out the window.’”

>> True Information: This is a lie. As noted earlier, Wright’s “authoritative source” is Ronald DeWolf’s earlier malicious allegations concerning Mr. L. Ron Hubbard. DeWolf made many statements recanting his allegations about his father, such as the following:

“Although I testified that I thought Scientology had very little validity, I made this statement vengefully at a time when I was undergoing a great deal of personal and emotional stress. Despite my personal state at the time which colored my testimony, I have always recognized that the founder and followers of Scientology sincerely believed in it as a religion.

“I now unequivocally feel that Scientology is a valid religion and that its spiritual practices as developed by my father, L. Ron Hubbard, are a truly effective method for helping Mankind.” [September 22, 1969 Affidavit]

“I felt it was about time that I quit fooling around and being a child and quit messing about and lay the facts on the line and say what I have been doing is a whole lot of lying, a whole lot of damage to a lot of people that I value highly.”

“I felt it was time to really tell the truth … rather than approaching things from an emotional and unfounded viewpoint. Let the facts and truth be known and to stop doing things like making rather blatant lies, and that kind of thing.” [Videotaped interview of November 7, 1972]

“This is to inform you that under no circumstances should these or any past statements by myself regarding Scientology or my father, L. Ron Hubbard, be used, relied upon or quoted, as they are false, malicious, and vindictive. At the time those statements were written or made, I had been misguided by persons antipathetic to Scientology who were attempting to injure and discredit my father through me.” …

“It is my intention that neither [sic] Scientology nor my father suffer from any republication of malicious statements made in the past, and I also seek to avoid the personal embarrassment that irresponsible use of this information would cause.” [April 20, 1976 letter]

“ … the only period in which I spent any appreciable amount of time at all with Mr. Hubbard was between 1951 and 1959, when I was also a member of the Church of Scientology. Even then, however, he [Mr. Hubbard] continued to travel and we were often separated. What personal knowledge I do have concerning L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology ended in late 1959.

“The statements I made in the manuscripts referred to hereinabove … were simply no more than wild flights of fantasy based on my own unlimited imagination.” [May 20, 1987 Affidavit]

“As a result of this false representation about my contributions to the book I will be held responsible by the book-buying public for a scurrilous attack on my father which I did not write, which I do not endorse and which I publicly disavow .. In the past, I have said and written things about my father which I deeply regret and which caused him and me great pain.” [July 1, 1987 Affidavit]