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>> Statement: [Page 96]

Wright states: “In truth, Hubbard had very poor eyesight.


>> True Information: Mr. Starkey, Captain of the Apollo when LRH lived aboard, responds:

“Wright says Mr. Hubbard’s eyesight was poor while on the Apollo. In truth, his eyesight was excellent. For example, I’ve seen him spot an approaching ship 40 miles away, when it was just a pinprick on the radar, and discern ships that the lookout was unable to spot on the horizon. Working with Mr. Hubbard as the Assistant Director when he was shooting films, I have seen him glance in the viewfinder of the Arriflex camera and immediately spot if it was in focus or not. No, his eyesight was astounding.”

Mr. Ingber, a veteran executive of the Church who was aboard the Apollo starting in 1968, states:

“When I was a radar operator and lookout in my early years, Mr. Hubbard would often come up on the bridge when we were at sea and would spend time training us. His speed and accuracy in spotting ships on the radar and also by direct sight was amazing. Someone with poor eyesight would never have been able to do this and in fact would have been a liability when it came to safely navigating the ship. To the contrary, every voyage was safely conducted.  

Even Mr. Wright contradicts himself, stating on page 96 of his book, that “...many of Hubbard’s associates testify to his keen eyesight.”