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>> Statement: [Page 121]

Wright paints a false picture of LRH’s condition in late 1973, describing him as “obese and weird.

>> True Information: This false picture was based upon apostate Jim Dincalci’s lies about Mr. Hubbard.  The true data is from Mr. Starkey, who was the Captain of the Apollo when Mr. Hubbard returned to the ship from New York in September 1973:

“This is a filthy lie and those who were on the ship at the time know this is so very far from the truth. I was one of the first people Mr. Hubbard called to his cabin upon his return to the ship. He was fit and trim, zestful and very active. He was happy to be back aboard ship and asked about the vessel and her crew and was most interested to get fully briefed on everything that had happened during his absence in New York. There are photographs of Mr. Hubbard taken during his hour-long crew briefing that he gave on the evening of the September 18, 1973, upon his return to the ship. These amply document his neat and remarkably impeccable appearance.”