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>> Statement: [Page 126]

Karen de la Carriere falsely claims that the Purification Rundown was developed on the Apollo in the early 1970s after LRH made a preclear, who was not responding to auditing, “sweat it out by swabbing the decks” and observed that six weeks of hard work like this made the preclear better.

>> True Information: Mr. Starkey, former Captain of the Apollo states: “Karen de la Carriere invented all this from whole cloth to try and make out she was somehow associated in some way with Mr. Hubbard’s highly successful and world-acclaimed Purification Program—no doubt to give her some small status because she was, in fact, a faceless nobody on the Apollo. This whole made-up story is further delusion on her part. No person ever scrubbed the decks of my ship for 6 weeks as a means to handle a preclear. In fact, the Purification Program was not developed by Mr. Hubbard until almost a decade later than this alleged story from Karen de la Carriere.”   

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