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>> Statement: [Page 120]

“For the most part, the Commodore left his female crew members alone.

  One exception was a tall, slender woman from Oregon.  She approached Hana Eltringham with a big smile on her face and confessed that she was having an affair with Hubbard.  Soon after that, Hubbard busted the woman down to deckhand and assigned Eltringham to audit her.” 

>> True Information: These statements are vicious lies perpetrated by embittered apostate Hana Strachan/Eltringham.

After losing an outrageous attempt to sue the Church for $1 billion and put its corporate structure into receivership, Hana Eltringham became an active member of the Cult Awareness Network before a multimillion-dollar judgment for its role in an involuntary deprogramming bankrupted it.  She and her husband became professional “deprogrammers” themselves, a practice in the 1980s of forcibly removing members of minority faiths and attempting to coerce them into renouncing their religion. Numerous criminal convictions and civil judgments largely put an end to the practice.