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>> Statement: [Page xiii]

Wright claims that people do not have religious conversions into Scientology; “more common is a gradual, wholehearted, acceptance of propositions that might have been regarded as unacceptable or absurd at the outset, as well as the incremental surrender of will on the part of people who have been promised enhanced power and authority.

>> True Information: How would Wright know? Although Wright claims that he spoke to some 200 people in total as part of his so-called “research” on Scientology, those actually referenced in his book come to 127 people. Of those 127 people, over 80% were ex-Scientologists and apostates. There were only nine Scientologists. And of note, those nine Scientologists were interviewed by Wright two years earlier only for his New Yorker magazine article. They did not know anything about a “book.” So there was not one Scientologist interviewed by Wright specifically for his book on Scientology.

Furthermore, of the nine Scientologists Wright spoke to, he never asked any of them any question concerning what he calls “religious conversions into Scientology” or “incremental surrender.” In other words, Wright never asked them about any religious experience or success they experienced.

Wright’s denigrating conclusion is false.

See “Meet A Scientologist” at to hear individuals speak about their experiences in becoming Scientologists and what it means to them in their life.