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>> Statement: [Page 120]

“In 1971, on New Year’s Eve, there was a drunken orgy of historic proportions.

  ‘Maybe a hundred Sea Org members were having sex everywhere from the topside boat decks to the lowest holds of the ship,’ one of the participants recalled.”

>> True Information: This is flagrantly false. Mr. Starkey, who was the Captain of the Apollo at that time, responded: “There was never a sex orgy aboard the Apollo. The policies aboard the ship were crystal clear, understood and enforced. Those who violated them were beached.”

From 1969-1971, Mr. Hubbard periodically issued Flag Orders that covered the policies concerning acceptable behavior on the Second Dynamic (urge to survive through sex and the family unit) and the repercussions for any violations. One example was Flag Order 1289 issued on 26 June 1971: “The FO and Policy regarding misbehavior on the second dynamic detrimental to good order, discipline and moral repute of the Sea Org are hereby placed in full effect.” 

In fact, just three days before New Year's 1971 (when Wright’s alleged “drunken orgy” took place), Mr. Hubbard held a conference with all of his Aides. During this management conference he discussed situations in a continental zone and about increasing discipline in production and areas of potential unethical conduct, such as the Second Dynamic. He covered how this type of unethical behavior can cause deterioration within a group and why it is vital to handle it.