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>> Statement: [Page 30]

Wright claims Mr.

 Hubbard “…dashed off a small book he titled Excalibur.”

Wright also attempts to dismiss the content of the book as a “hallucination” suffered during a dental operation.

>> True Information: This is more indicative of Wright’s use of loaded language to forward his own prejudices. One does not “dash off” a 120,000 word philosophical work. Although the length of a book can vary tremendously, within literary circles a “small book” is under 70,000 words, whereas over 110,000 is considered “epic or saga.”

Further, Mr. Hubbard did not “dash off” the book as characterized by Wright. Mr. Hubbard worked on the manuscript, writing it two or three times over a several week period, edited it and then rewrote it for another several months, as this was the culmination of his experiences and philosophical revelations up to that point in his life, work beginning in 1932 and culminating in an unpublished manuscript in 1938.

The information on the book “Excalibur” was readily available to Wright, covered in The L. Ron Hubbard Series (which he was informed about in May 2012 and encouraged to read), both in Dianetics: Letters and Journal (page 17 footnote) and Philosopher & Founder: Rediscovery of the Human Soul (pages 7 – 17).

Moreover, the significance of a near-death experience by Mr. Hubbard in helping him to distil concepts on which he had been working for years is also fully explained in Chapter One of Philosopher & Founder: Rediscovery of the Human Soul.

>> Appendix

Information on the book “Excalibur”