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>> Statement: [Page 115]

Wright claims “Looking for a safe port, Hubbard turned toward Morocco.

He thought that an Arab country might be safer and less conspicuous for the Scientology fleet, which had gained too much unfavorable attention in European ports. In October 1969, he dropped anchor in Safi, near Marrakesh. At last the crew, shaken and hungry, could take on stores.”

>> True Information: Mr. Starkey, long-term Sea Org executive and former Captain of the Apollo, read Wright’s story and responded: 

  1. “We went to Safi and docked at a berth in the harbor—we never anchored there.
  2. We entered the port of Safi on the 19th of July 1969—not October as Wright alleges.
  3. The crew had been well fed and were neither shaken nor hungry. We had ample stores of fresh and frozen foods (as well as dry and canned foods) aboard ship when we arrived at Safi.”

Mr. Ingber, also a long-term Sea Org executive and aboard the Apollo during this period, reports:

“Inspection of the documentation of the actual movements of the Apollo in October 1969 further shows that Wright’s data is false as the Apollo was in dry dock and wet dock from 15 September to 10 November 1969 and then went out for Sea Trials. This was in Casablanca. The crews were not shaken and hungry, that’s a ridiculous allegation, as the weather was calm and the ship well stocked with food and water.”