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>> Statement: [Page 286-289]

This passage, citing “knowledgeable sources,” contains the story that the Church sought a possible wife for Mr.

Cruise, stating: “The Scientology search team came up with another aspiring actress, Nazanin Boniadi, twenty-five years old, who had been born in Iran … In early November 2004, Naz was informed that she had been selected for a special program that was critical to the future of the church.”

>> True Information: This bizarre story was told most recently in Vanity Fair.  The Church’s denial of the claims in Vanity Fair is published on the Church’s website.  Wright cites to the Vanity Fair article and to “four off-the-record former Scientologists.”

It is outrageous to suggest our Church inserts itself into the romantic or matrimonial affairs of its parishioners or ever launched any kind of “special project” such as the one Wright describes. This tabloid rumor was first published years ago and continues to circulate, sourcing to Marc Headley, who has told at least three radically different versions. He also admitted in a sworn deposition that he sold similar stories to the now defunct News of the World for $10,000 and to Life & Style for $6,250. The Headleys are extremely bitter, in part because their twin lawsuits filed against the Church were recently thrown out by a federal court and affirmed on appeal and they were compelled to pay the Church $42,000 in court costs.