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>> Statement: [Page 130]

Wright claims that the Apollo was “kicked out of Barbados, Curacao and Jamaica.


>> True Information: The Apollo was not kicked out of any of these places and Wright does not cite any references or documents on this point. In fact, Wright was informed of this in response to his fact-checking questions months before the book was published. Specifically he was provided this information:

Barbados: The Church’s vessels enjoy free passage into all ports of Barbados and have for decades.

Curacao:  The Apollo was never “expelled” from Curaçao. The Church’s religious retreat, the Freewinds, has enjoyed warm relations with officials in Curaçao for decades.

Jamaica: No Church vessels have ever been expelled from any port in Jamaica.

Indeed, the good relationships with these Caribbean ports have continued and expanded over the decades with the Sea Organization Motor Vessel Freewinds. Many civic leaders and government officials have presented awards and recognitions to the Freewinds for its continued support to the islands.