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>> Statement: [Page 273]

When members join the Sea Org, they are issued two sets of pants, two shirts and a pair of shoes, which is their lifetime clothing allotment; anything else, they purchase themselves.

>> True Information: This statement is wrong. Per Church policy, Sea Org members are supplied their uniforms at Church expense.  This is never at the staff member’s expense. When members join the Sea Org they are uniformed according to established Sea Org policy. Professional uniforms are designed and provided for staff members in different Sea Org installations, taking into account the country, local culture and weather.  The staff are supplied with a full uniform wardrobe that aligns with their job duties and functions. For day to day work this includes pants and/or skirts, shirts, jackets, shoes, a belt and cold weather and rain gear. They are supplied appropriate quantities of these items, which are routinely replaced as needed and always at the Church’s expense.

On the average, Golden Era Productions spends around $5000 each week on uniform replacements for the staff.